Powerball Vibrating Foam Roller With Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

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A 2-in-1 vibrating foam roller and bluetooth speaker. This Vibrating Foam Roller works deep into the muscle tissue to dissolve knots & trigger points and relieve pain & tension in the muscles. It can be used for multiple muscle groups and works like a normal foam roller - but with the added benefit of a deep massaging action. With multiple speed settings to choose from, the vibrations produced encourage blood flow to gently oxygenate damaged tissue and remove lactic acid build up for a faster, more effective recovery. Connect any device to the Bluetooth speaker as you train and recover, or remove the outer layer and use it as a dumbbell for strength training & workouts. The device weighs around 3kg.

Use the Vibrating Foam Roller for just a couple of minutes every day and actively rehabilitate damaged muscles and joints, while preventing future injury. Whether at home, in the office or at the gym, this lightweight foam roller will provide you with a deep tissue massage, kneading your back, arms & legs for active recovery and relief.


  • Rehabilitate sore muscles
  • Vibrobooster ™ Technology
  • Foam Roller,speaker & dumbell in one
  • Effective Injury prevention
  • Self Massage, Self Recovery

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