Unicorn Poos - Strawberry Flavour Fluffy Marshmallow Poos

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If there's one creature whose poo smells like rainbows and sweet shops - it's a unicorn's. Enjoy the mythical creature's excrement in all its strawberry and melt-in-the-mouth mallow wonderment.

Yes it's true, we all poo... and while we wouldn't recommend yours or mine (although some do), unicorn poos are quite the opposite, and extraordinarily tasty to eat. No "acquired taste" needed, and none of that "your breathe smells like sh*t!" from your peers or loved ones either. This box of dainty little marshmallow-flavoured unicorn excrement tastes as magical and mystical as it sounds! 

So go on, try a box or two and you can finally tick "Eat unicorn poo!" off your bucket list.


  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Type: Mallow
  • Attractive box that's sure to get a few giggles

Please note: contains gelatin so may not be suitable for some diets.

P.S. Unicorns are so damn happy all the time, that it's not uncommon to see them crying. Crying tears of bubblegum flavoured joy that is! 

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