Unicorn Barf in a Box - Sour Tutti Frutti Flavour Candy Strips (70g)

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Taste the magic! Unicorn Barf is a unique sour sweet that's coloured like a rainbow and tastes delicious. Disgust your friends and loved ones in equal measure with this most random of candy strip sweet treats. These surprisingly sour tutti-frutti flavour strips are packed with the magical taste that can only come from a Unicorn that's been driving the porcelain bus all night!


  • Flavour: sour tutti frutti
  • Type: candy strips
  • Attractive box that's sure to get a few giggles

Please note: does not contain gelatin.

P.S. Unicorns are so damn happy all the time, that it's not uncommon to see them crying. Crying tears of bubblegum flavoured joy that is!

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