The Frustrator - 3D Maze Ball Game

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Challenge your friends to a game of patience, balance and concentration with The Frustrator Ball. See who can reach the highest level and who can complete the 118 levels to victory! Starting at level 1, simply guide the ball through each stage of the 3D maze, twist and turn the ball in order to climb the levels. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases.

This game creates pure frustration and the inability to accept defeat! If you find the game is just too difficult or you want to shorten the course then you have the option of starting at level 2 or 3. But all you need to do is master the technique and skill and you will reach level 118.

A great game of skill and balance, challenge your friends to take their best shot and time who can get the furthest, the quickest!


  • Improve your balance and concentration with this 3D maze
  • The Frustrator Ball has 118 tricky levels
  • Difficulty increases as your progress through the maze
  • Shorten the course by starting at level 2 or 3
  • Makes a great gift for maze and puzzle lovers
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

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