Powerball Resistance Pull Up Bands Set

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This resistance band set is designed for performance athletes and beginners alike. Whether you're looking to shake up your workouts and reach new plateaus you never thought possible, or are just starting out and looking for an easy entry into resistance training, these resistance bands will help you get there.

This resistance and pull up bands set includes 4 x high-quality resistance bands with varying resistance and tension levels: Red band (15-35lbs), Black band (25-65lbs), Purple band (35-85lbs) and Green band (50-125lbs) for customised exercises and workouts that suit your own personal fitness goals. Four different levels of resistance plus a diverse range of exercise possibilities make these bands truly easy to use and suited for beginners and performance fitness people alike. They're very simple to use: mix up the intensity of your workout by moving up or down a band level. The workout possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Build strength, tone muscles as well as increase your range of motion across all major muscle groups, including pecs, biceps, triceps, lower and upper back, legs and core muscles. Ideal for stretching, flexibility exercises and most importantly resistance training. These natural-stretch resistance bands allow for intense and controlled muscle tension for impressive strengthening results.

Use these bands on their own for highly targeted muscle training or you can even add them to your regular exercise regimen for faster, more powerful results. The versatile design of these bands makes them ideal for all types of fitness training from CrossFit and weightlifting, to yoga and Pilates - and just about everything in between.These robust bands feature a high level of durability and resistance intensity that allow you to train harder for the best workout results, and maximum gains. They are made from multiple layers of natural-stretch latex, which keeps its shape even after years of use. The set includes four x professional-quality resistance bands and 1 x convenient carry bag for on-the-go workouts.


  • Professional grade resistance bands set
  • Suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to elite
  • Can be used for bodybuilding, CrossFit, yoga and more
  • A full body workout or enhance focused muscle group workout
  • Your workout your way. Add them to your current workout or create new ones
  • Premium quality materials that will last for years
  • Workout while you travel or simply at home without the need for other equipment


  • Cost-effective workout/fitness equipment
  • Adapts easily for multiple fitness levels
  • Modify familiar exercises or create new ones
  • Exercise your entire body
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Exercise while travelling
  • Add variety to your workouts
  • Exercise safely, even when alone
  • Combine with other exercise equipment
  • Get an effective workout

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