NSD Powerball Autostart 280Hz Classic

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The ever-popular NSD Powerball Autostart Classic model now features our latest Indestructiball technology guaranteeing many years of frustration-free use of your Powerball . 'Wind back & release' technology for instant cord free activation, 280 Autostart Classic offers ultra smooth spin performance with impact-resistant shell, reversible internal tracks and vibration free, 18,000rpm spin speed.

Generating 0-16kg (0-35lbs) resistance, this model is perfect for all upper limb rehabilitation and/or strength building (LCD speed-meter optional).

Capable of reaching speeds in excess of 17,000rpm our Autostart technology allows you to start your NSD Powerball anywhere... anytime! Classic Powerballs come without counters, but you can always add a counter later if you subsequently decide you want to. No starter cords are required for this model.


  • Cord free Auto-start mechanism
  • Vibration free to 18,000rpm
  • Drop resistant ABS shell design
  • Battery free 6-mode speed meter is optional
  • Reversible internal tracks for enhanced lifespan
  • Generates up to 16kg/35lbs resistance
  • Weighs 263g / 9.2oz


  • Powerball 280 Autostart Classic
  • Instructions

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