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Date added: 18-04-2016 New brand: NSD Powerball

We're very pleased to announce that RPM Sports Limited - makers of the revolutionary fitness and rehabilitation gadget Powerball - have nominated Men's Republic as they're exclusive distributors in South Africa.

Whether you're playing Golf in the Ryder Cup, riding down your favourite forest track on a Saturday morning, or serving for the match in Wimbledon, Powerball will give you the edge to push harder, drive longer and serve faster - if your sport demands stronger wrists and grip, then Powerball is your new best friend. Powerball is also the perfect companion for those looking to repair and rehabilitate injured wrists and forearms.

Work out wherever you are, whenever you want. The Powerball is light, small and hand-powered. Perfect for people of all ages. Lifetime guarantee. Order yours today and offer your customers The revolutionary, highly addictive, hand-powered excercise and rehabilitation gadget that has taken the world by storm.

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Date added: 04-05-2014 Live XML feed now available

We’ve recently introduced a way to save time for our resellers. Being a Men’s Republic reseller will allow you access to our XML feed which contains all the products we offer. This essentially means you can ‘plug’ our feed into your store and not have to worry about selling products that are out of stock, at a different price, or manually adding new products that are added to our catalogue each month. This will now be automated.

What are the benefits?

Having an XML feed means that you always have the most up to date information on your storefront. So for example: if we were to receive stock or add new products, these would automatically be pushed to your storefront as well. Both our systems will be synced in terms of inventory quantities, pricing, images etc. This is one of the many benefits of being a Men’s Republic reseller.

Feed fields:

  • Product | SKU | Price | Qty | Weight | Category | Date added | Image | Description | Brand

You can find the feed under the Downloads section in your account.

Date added: 16-08-2013 New brands added to our catalogue

To go with our new site we’ve also added some great new brands. This means we’re able to offer more choice and amazing products! Here’s what the manufacturers have to say.

Fizz: “To explain what ‘Fizz’ is – We don’t just sell a clock we sell a melting clock! We don’t just sell a desk tidy we sell a desktop skip! We don’t just sell a speaker we sell an interactive MP3/phone talking dog speaker called Patch! That’s what ‘Fizz’ is…

Spinning Hat: “Spinning Hat believes that consumers deserve exciting, fun, and refreshing gift ranges that bring a smile to their faces. We are passionate about what we do and going that extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations is second nature to all of us here.”

Fred: ““FRED focuses on stuff that’s well-designed, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Stuff that’s easy to buy, fun to own, and says “my home is my castle – I will not fill it with junk.”

Date added: 14-08-2013 Have you met Fred?

Fred is one of our new brands that screams innovation and quirkiness. These products make great gifts for others or a great buy for oneself. This is what the manufacturers have to say: “FRED focuses on stuff that’s well-designed, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Stuff that’s easy to buy, fun to own, and says “my home is my castle – I will not fill it with junk.”

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Date added: 17-06-2013 Welcome to the launch of Men’s Republic version 2.0

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks to bring you a new and improved Men’s Republic website. The new website features: a dedicated Reseller Zone containing all the materials to help you sell, a catalogue with descriptions and images, manufacturer catalogues, an electronic application and upload page and much more.

With our new launch we’ve added 3 new brands: Fred, Spinning Hat, Fizz . All of which we think have a fantastic line up and range of innovative products and gadgets that you’ve come to expect from Men’s Republic.

We’re excited to bring you a more holistic offering that’ll help you choose the right products as well as to help you sell, and grow your business.