Suprise Mug - I'm A Twat

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At first glance, this handsome but ordinary-looking mug doesn't exactly stand out from the crowd… but as soon as anyone raises it to their lips to take a drink, the cheeky message printed on the base will clearly be revealed! *Cue much sniggering at the unsuspecting victim's expense!*

Thanks to this novelty 'I'm a Twat' Surprise Mug, office pranks have never been so easy to play - you even get to make your target a lovely cuppa in the process so he or she won't suspect a thing! As everyone except the drinker will be able to read the bold message on the base of the mug, consider this the updated, slightly more sophisticated version of sticking a 'Kick Me!' sign to your mate's back!

Poke fun at a particular colleague or friend, or leave the mug in the cupboard and let fate decide which unsuspecting tea drinker gets an insult with his or her hot beverage! Will you be able to stop yourself from giggling at them? Half the fun is not letting on!

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