Jumbo Jelly Poo (Cola Flavour)

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Let's be honest; nothing beats a good-old massive poo, and there's not much more massive than this monstrosity of a gummy sweet! Trust us when we say it's eye wateringly huge. Styled on the nations favourite emoji, this smiling poop is a sweet that will take several sittings to finish!

Weighing in at an impressive 400g, everyone will agree it stinks that all other gummy sweets don't come nearly this impressively oversized. This sour strawberry treat, ingeniously called bubble-bum, is both super cute and alarmingly disgusting in equal measure. Try not toilet your appetite get the better of you, and remember to share it with others'¦ after all, there's plenty to go round.


  • Giant Gummy Poop '“ novelty sweet like no other
  • Cola flavoured
  • Slimey smiley texture
  • Sharing sized at 400g
  • Measures an impressive 20cm across, approx.

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