Slim Elastic Tab Card Wallet (Black/Brown)

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Mini & super light card holder for the bare essentials. The slim, elastic band card holder, otherwise known as the "mini wallet" or "basics wallet" is probably the most portable and minimalist wallet you'll find. It's the ultimate front pocket card holder for your bare essentials.

So this makes it very handy considering the highly digitalized time we live in now. Because you don't need to always carry much with you as you move about anymore.

For this reason, there are many occasions when carrying your bulky traditional "billfold" wallet along is a strain; times where all you need is your cards (bank cards, IDs, driving permit) and a bit of cash. Oh, and the keys, too.

Say you're in a rush and need to head out real quick with just the essential basics. Or maybe you're merely heading out for a jog or to pick the kids up from school. Whatever it is, this mini card holder wallet is explicitly designed for those times when all you need to go are the essential basics.

The wallet itself looks elegant in its super minimalist design. Although it's mostly an elastic band, portions of genuine cowhide leather complement it to finish that "just basics" design.

Grandly minimal without limiting you. Do not let the super minimalist design of this card holder fool you. Though mini, this card holder comes equipped with three compartments and will hold up to 12 cards, and a bit of cash.

It's got the main compartment, an easy-access compartment for your frequently used cards, plus a pouch for your money, coins or keys.

Although taking notes from the money pouch is a breeze, it may take you a second or two to extract coins. In hindsight, this makes the pouch a great place to slip your keys on the go, and still trust they're safe. Even more, the wallet has got a "pull tab" mechanism that lets you pull on a strip to slide your cards out. It's then easy to fan them out and select any card out of the bunch.

Key features of the elastic band mini card holder wallet:

  • Super Mini, lightweight; thinnest wallet for the bare essentials. It's practically unnoticeable in your front pocket.
  • Minimalist without limiting; will hold all your cards (up to 12) and has three compartments. Your cards, notes, coins, and keys will fit.
  • Easily to use; has got an easy-access compartment, plus a pull tab mechanism to slide your cards out.
  • Genuine leather and band; made of highly stretchable band complemented by prime, genuine leather.

Next time you're heading out and would like to go light, this is the wallet to take along. With it, you get to grab the basic essentials, stuff them in, and shove it down your front pocket. Order one for yourself or as a gift for close friends or family.


  • Barcode: 653046397186
  • Weight (kg): 0.03
  • Width (cm): 8
  • Height (cm): 11
  • Depth (cm): 2

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