Drink Your Words Drinking Game

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Just when you thought it was already difficult enough to understand what people are saying after a few drinks at games night - introducing the hilarious Drink your Words drinking Game. Imagine trying to talk with a mouth-guard keeping your mouth open, things can get hilarious faster than you can say'¦ "Take me drunk, I'm home" This is the basic idea behind Drink Your Words, the smash-hit drinking game!

In the box, everything is supplied and ready to play. The game set includes 4 mouth-guards, 4 shot glasses, a pile of word cards, and a timer. The only thing left to add is some booze and 3 willing friends to play with.

How to play Drink Your Words?

The game is really easy and fun to play. Someone needs to take a word card, then place the mouth-guard in your mouth, start the timer, and try to say the word. Sounds easy doesn't it, but it's not. Then everyone else has to guess what word that person is trying to say, and all before the time is up. If nobody can guess the word, everyone drinks. You then go around giving other people a turn.

This is a hilarious party game that's sure to get silly, but will definitely be good fun for all.


  • Mouth-guard drinking game that everyone is playing. Also known as Watch Ya Mouth and Speak Out.
  • The rules couldn't be more simple. You have to guess what's being said, and if you can't then everyone drinks
  • Easy to play and good fun
  • Ultimate party game for parties and other fun occasions.
  • The box includes 4 x mouth guards, 4 x shot glasses, word cards, and timer
  • Easy to clean once all the fun is had

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