Chilli Popping Candy (100g)

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If you thought the fizzing sensation of popping candy was weird enough, just wait until you try some of this chilli flavour! This gourmet twist on a retro favourite is sure to leave you confused at first whilst your taste buds process the flavoursome sensation that has been laid out before them. But after the first handful you'll be hooked on this terrific pouch of treats and keep going back for more until it's all gone.

An eye popping blast from the past with a modern day twist! It's sweet, it pops, it melts and it tastes of hot, spicy chilli. Very strange, very weird and just right for filling a stocking or party bag.Grab a handful from the 100g pouch and get ready to have your mind and your taste buds blown - or should that be popped! It's a charming Christmas present. Or if you're looking to add a unique twist to your favourite treat, why not add some Chilli Popping Candy to crazy cake creations.


  • Great as a spicy topping
  • Chilli flavour popping candy
  • Fizzes and pops on your tongue
  • Unusual gourmet flavour
  • 100g pouch

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