Back Baller - Foam Roller & Muscle Stretcher

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The Back Baller is an effective device for the treatment of muscle pain or injuries, as well as being a muscle stretcher for many muscle groups. Loosen, rehabilitate and strengthen sore muscles, and improve overall flexibility. Back Baller is the equivalent of having a full-time physical therapist on standby in the comfort of your own home. A revolutionary piece of equipment for rehabilitation, stretching and mobility, the uniquely-designed, dual-mounted foam rollers help rapidly relieve aches and pains in the shoulders, back and legs, effectively loosening tight knots and dissolving tension in the muscles. It can also help to relieve the pain of trapped discs in the spine.

Don't just roll when you ache. Roll consistently. Regular massage of your muscle groups using the BackBaller helps to:

  • Improve flexibility & joint range of motion
  • Accelerate recovery from training
  • Increase tissue pliability
  • Diminish aches and pains

The ergonomic and highly stable design of BackBaller makes it easy to simply lie down and start rolling: the blunt, toothed surface on this new, improved model produces immediate results, kneading deeply into the muscle fibres as you roll. Unlike standard foam rollers, BackBaller features two (removable) high-density EVA foam rollers mounted into a solid base, each of which can be used individually or together for targeted muscle relief and providing significantly more stability than traditional single tube rollers.


  • Loosen, rehabilitate & strengthen sore muslces
  • Improve flexibility
  • Revolutionary new design
  • Rapid results
  • Rock solid stability

Muscle Groups it Can Be Used With:

  • Stretch the upper back muscles
  • Stretch the lower back muscles
  • Stretch the quad muscle group
  • Stretch the lats muscles
  • Stretch the glutes muscles
  • Stretch the hamstrings
  • Stretch the shins
  • Stretch the calf muscles
  • Stretch the groin muscles
  • Stretch the IT band muscles

Get started with your Back Baller today, and feel the difference this incredible device can bring. View all the exercise videos here:

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